Is Sports Betting Legal In Illinois

Aside from deep dish pizza and a great jazz scene, Chicago is probably most known for being a great sports town. Whether cheering on the Bears, the Cubs, or the Bulls, sports fans from Illinois rank among the absolute best in the nation. Such passion for sports teams will no doubt breed a lot of interest in sports betting to help make the games even more thrilling. It's a shame then that most Illinois residents are unaware that there are several great options to gamble and wager on sports legally and safely.

First and foremost, the most important thing to know is that it is not illegal for Illinois residents to bet on sports. There is no law that has ever passed through a state or federal court that prevents anyone living in Illinois from betting or wagering on any sports events. It can be a bit of a surprise to learn this as a lot of muddy and unclear information has been spread around concerning the legality of gambling. A big reason for the confusion is that it is punishable by law to facilitate or promote gambling, which makes it difficult to communicate to Illinois residents that the actual act of gambling is not against the law.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Illinois:

Although this initially sounds like great news, a moment for reflection will reveal a problem. Even though sports betting in Illinois is legal, if it's illegal to facilitate gambling how will anyone ever take advantage of that fact? That does indeed pose a bit of a catch 22. Since hosting any sports betting is illegal, any land based sportsbooks you find in Illinois will be illegally run operations. Aside from putting you at personal risk by association with enterprises that operate outside of the law, these are certainly risky places to trust with your money and will not come to you as verified and trustworthy.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Illinois:

Barring an expensive plane ticket to Las Vegas, Illinois residents may fall into the trap of coming to believe that there may be no safe, legal means of betting on sports. Luckily, it would not be correct to think so. There are many great online sportsbooks suited to the needs of American clients that can provide a great way of fulfilling all your gambling wants. By being based out of the country, these sites work around the state laws that prohibit sports wagering facilitation in Illinois, and through years of service and a great customer satisfaction rating, they can be verified as a safe place to deposit money to bet with.

Bovada Sportsbook - Widest Selection Of Betting Odds Of Any Sportsbook

If you want to start placing your bets online but find your head spinning from all the different options out there to work with, the Bovada online sportsbook is a great place to start for Illinois residents. Through many years of providing quality service to account holders from Illinois, the name Bovada has become synonymous with legitimacy in regards to online gambling. Not only does it come endorsed by media outlets like FOX sports and ESPN, but it boasts a decorated track record of five star customer reviews and unparalleled service. Bovada's devotion to their client base doesn't stop at merely providing a quality outlet for legal, legitimate gambling, however. Bovada goes the extra step to ensure that their customers feel welcomed and valued by greeting new users with an excellent sign-up bonus by matching 50% of your first deposit. Using this offer, new bettors in Illinois can be gifted up to $250 in free play to be used anywhere in Bovada's sportsbook. Now betting with Bovada is looking like a much better value than that flight out to Vegas.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Whether you've picked the Cubs to win the world series or you think that the Bulls just drafted the next Michael Jordan, as an Illinois resident, you can place any bet you like online. Through a popular but incorrect interpretation of state laws, it's easy to get caught up thinking Illinois residents are limited to state lotteries, slot casinos and fantasy games like Fan Duel if they want to legally earn extra money betting on sports, but thanks to many great overseas online sportsbooks, that assumption is incorrect, and players from Illinois are welcome to place bets to their heart's content.